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The Bible is not merely for information but for being saved by God and changed through his words

Believers know the Bible is powerful--but how so? And how does God save people and transform lives through Scripture? Author and theology professor Jeremy M. Kimble integrates an evangelical doctrine of Scripture with a robust, coherent practice of engaging with Scripture.

Behold and Become contends that the Bible, which is God's self-revelation, coupled with the Spirit, works to produce salvation and growth in godliness. Believers will see how sound beliefs about Scripture correspond with practices that allow for God's transforming work, such as:
- How the Bible's inerrancy demands our careful attention to the biblical authors as theologians
- How the Bible's efficacy operates within the doctrines of the triune God and the church
- How the Bible's authority directs our focus toward who God is and how he acts in the world

We become like what we behold. Rather than passively assume the animating power of the Bible, Behold and Become guides readers to make Scripture's vitality an overt part of their theology of Scripture and practice of Christian life.

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