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Explore the latest developments in biological psychology today with the most widely used text for this area of study: Dr. James Kalat's BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY, 14E. This edition uses a clear writing style, precise examples and the latest research to make biological psychology understandable and to emphasize its importance to psychology as well as biology and pre-med study. Thought-provoking content, insights from contemporary researchers, amusing anecdotes and even try-it-yourself activities help convey the excitement behind biological explanations of behavior. This edition introduces breakthrough findings with more than 500 new research references as recent as 2022. You explore new insights into brain functions, autism, antidepressants and mental enhancement and weight-loss drugs as well as the latest on auditory changes, pain mechanisms and the olfactory effects of COVID-19. Cengage Infuse digital resources are also available with interactive learning tools.
Kalat, James W
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Cengage Learning
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