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Build a comprehensive foundation in children's primary care. Burns' Pediatric Primary Care, 8th Edition, covers the full spectrum of health conditions seen in primary care pediatrics, emphasizing both prevention and management. This in-depth, evidence-based textbook is the only one on the market written from the unique perspective of the Nurse Practitioner. It guides you through assessing, managing, and preventing health problems in children from infancy through adolescence. Key topics include developmental theory, issues of daily living, the health status of children today, and diversity and cultural considerations. Updated content throughout reflects the latest research evidence, national and international protocols, and standardized guidelines. Additionally, this edition includes three new chapters on topics such as palliative care; inclusivity, equity, diversity, and justice; and child maltreatment.
  • NEW! Inclusivity, Equity, Diversity, and Justice chapter reflects contemporary understanding of the role of inequity and racism in child health.
  • NEW! Pediatric Palliative Care chapter discusses these key topics in pediatric primary care.
  • NEW! Separate chapter on Child Maltreatment distinguishes maltreatment from injury prevention to emphasize the importance of diagnosis and management.
  • Global, National, and Local Influences on Child Health chapter introduces the topic of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • NEW! Content includes an exploration of the influence of telehealth and non-traditional appointment types.
  • REVISED! Environmental Influences on Pediatric Health chapter focuses on the effects of climate change and environmental impacts of health - including social, cultural, and physical factors.
  • UPDATED! Sexuality and Gender Identity chapter reflects on the contemporary understanding of gender identity with expanded content on LGBTQIA and health.
  • UPDATED! Congenital and Inherited Disorders chapter supports primary care providers who commonly care for children with rare genetic diseases.
  • UPDATED! Content aligns with Bright Futures guidelines.
  • Coverage of new theories reflects a contemporary understanding of child development, parental roles, and family function.
  • Expanded discussion of coronaviruses and COVID-19 includes content on new vaccine types developed for novel COVID-19 infections.
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