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Critical business applications worldwide are written in the versatile C# language and the powerful .NET platform, running on desktops, cloud systems, and Windows or Linux servers. Code Like a Pro in C# makes it easy to turn your existing abilities in C# or another OO language (such as Java) into practical C# mastery. There's no "Hello World" or Computer Science 101 basics--you'll learn by refactoring an out-of-date legacy codebase, using new techniques, tools, and best practices to bring it up to modern C# standards. Each technique is reinforced through coding katas and clean code best practices, locking in the skills you'll need to tackle any job and ace your next interview. about the technologyC# and the .NET framework are prized for their power, flexibility, and ease of scaling. Line-of-business applications, web systems running ASP.NET, and backend servers powering enterprise data centers all rely on C#. Growing into a C# pro requires practice in real-world systems, where you learn to refactor messy code and integrate new features into existing designs. Code Like a Pro in C# lays out a path to C# mastery, tackling common challenges such as clean coding, idiomatic C#, and .NET Core that can stump aspiring C# software engineers. about the book Code like a Pro in C# builds on your existing programming skills to help you seamlessly upskill your coding practice or transition to C# from Java or another OO language. You'll learn to write the kind of idiomatic C# code that's essential for enterprise development, honing your mastery with guided coding katas. This book discusses essential backend skills and puts them into practice with a common career challenge: refactoring a legacy codebase to be secure, clean, and readable. By the time you're done, you'll have a professional-level understanding of C# and be ready to start specializing with advanced-level resources. what's inside Test-driven development Refactoring an API to a multi-platform .NET Core service Principles of clean code Using Entity Framework Core and LINQ to query and manipulate databases about the readerFor developers experienced with object-oriented programming. No C# experience required. about the author Jort Rodenburg is a software engineer specializing in C#. He has built software for numerous fields, from financial compliance to inkjet printing. Jort has mentored and taught courses on object-oriented programming to help developers get up to speed with C# and .NET
Rodenburg, Jort
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