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The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts

The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts

Understanding Luke's Narrative in the Book of Acts

The book of Acts is unlike any other in Scripture; it has no rival in terms of a book spanning so many different lands. Written by a Gentile, it recounts the birth of the church age and the lives of early Christians that serve as lasting examples for the church today. When believers see how these events worked together to fulfill God's promises, they gain a better understanding of the Trinitarian heart of Acts.

In The Mission of the Triune God, author Patrick Schreiner argues that Luke's theology stems from the order of his narrative. He shows how the major themes in Acts, including the formation of the church, salvation offered to all flesh, and the prolific spread of the gospel, connect. Through Schreiner's clear presentation and helpful graphics, readers follow the early church as it grows "all under the plan of God, centered on King Jesus, and empowered by the Spirit."

  • Covers Main Theological Themes: A great companion to commentaries on Acts
  • Studies the Birth of the Church Age: Schreiner examines the lives of early Christians after Jesus's ascension
  • Informative and Accessible: Tables and graphics help readers visualize key theological themes
  • Part of the New Testament Theology series
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    Schreiner, Patrick
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