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Reedeming Our Thinking About History: A God-Centered Approach

Reedeming Our Thinking About History: A God-Centered Approach

Christians reject a cyclical view of history where events recur repeatedly for no apparent purpose. God is in control. There's a beginning and end, with a fourfold creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. What are the implications, then, for analyzing the past, writing a coherent history, and interpreting God's ongoing will? 

Why Is It Critical for Christians to Study the Past?

How does knowledge of the past shape Christians' views of God, Christ's redemption, and humanity as a whole? In his new book, Vern S. Poythress teaches Christians how to study and write about the past by emphasizing God's own command to remember his works and share them with the next generation. Readers will explore concepts such as providentialism, Christian historiography, divine purpose, and the 4 basic phases of biblical history: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation. By learning how to appropriately study history, believers will begin to recognize God's lordship over all events and how even minor incidents fit into his overarching plan.

  • Excellent Resource for Seminary Students, Pastors, and Historians: Poythress explains how to write about history, understand God's divine purposes, explore history in the Bible, and more
  • Applicable: Teaches readers how to glorify God by recognizing his deeds throughout history
  • Biblical and Informative: Outlines 4 phases of history and connects them to Christ's redemption
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    Poythress, Vern S
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