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Textbook orders ship for $9.99
All other orders ship free over $75

Textbook Rental Agreement:

"I understand that I am renting (not purchasing) the rental textbook(s) and must return the textbook(s) to this bookstore location no later than the specified due date. Mailed textbooks must be received within 5 days of due date.

Late returns will incur a $5 late fee per book. Failure to return rental textbooks by 7 days after the specified due date will be considered intent to purchase and will incur a charge of the full retail price less the rental fee paid plus a late fee of $5 per book. The credit/debit card used for this purchase will be used for all charges unless another card is provided. Failed transactions will be charged to the renter's student account with the Cashiers' Office.

Minimal highlighting and writing in the rental textbook(s) is allowed. The rental textbook(s) must be returned in good condition and free of excessive damage. Excessive damage is any damage that would prevent another student from reasonably being able to use and gain the full learning value from the textbook (water damage, mold, missing covers, missing pages, destroyed text on pages, and the like). Books returned with excessive damage will prevent a successful rental return and will incur a charge of the full retail price less the rental fee paid."


Rent to Own

If you decide to purchase the rented textbook(s), you may (at any time prior to the due date) notify the store and pay the retail price less the rental fee paid. At this point, you will own the book(s) and no further action is required.